Renewable Power Supplier

We are a company that offers, at competitive prices, electrical energy production systems from renewable energy sources, energy efficiency optimisation, operation and maintenance services to guarantee optimal energy production.

Solar Power Installation

We combine our expertise to the use of the most reliable and efficient equipment to bring clean and sustainable solar power to our residential and commercial customers.

Operation & Maintenance

At ENERGYS, we work to maintain you plant infrastructure and equipment with the goal to improving the equipment’s life by preventing excess depreciation and impairement. This is to ensure that the solar power system gives the best possible generation. 

Energy Efficiency

We help our customers have more energy efficient buildings which allows them to make even greater savings on their electricity bills.

Our Services

ENERGYS is bringing innovative renewable energy solutions to its customers. 

Solar System Feasibility and Design 

Solar System Installation

Solar System Inspection

Technical Support

Solar System Management

Building Energy Efficiency